2015 ISNR- Research Foundation and FERB
Joint Research Grant

Grant applications must be submitted
by December 15, 2014.

Awards will be announced at the AAPB conference in Austin, TX, March 14, 2015
All applicants will be provided a summary of reviewers’ critiques.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the FERB management representative, Brittney Maruska

Eligibility and Conditions

To be eligible for a FERB research grant, the applicant must either be enrolled as a full--time student in a college/university health care/mental health care academic program, and working under a faculty research advisor who has had training in neurofeedback or a part time student or non--student researcher/trainee in some area of applied psychophysiology.

Projects selected must be completed within a period of time indicated in the application narrative. Grant recipients will agree to submit a progress report within one year of receipt of funds, and a final progress report at the time proposed for finishing the research. A financial statement must also be submitted to the Grant Committee at these times.

Grant recipients also agree to submit, within 18 months of the specified project completion date, a publishable manuscript to a peer--reviewed journal, reporting results of their investigation. 

Access Grant Application HERE

Please complete each section of the application. Applications must be limited to
5 pages, including references, not including support letters, budget, and other supporting documents. Sign and obtain the signature of your Research Advisor/Supervisor/Mentor and submit to Brittney Maruska



2014 Mini Grant Winners 

Mark Goodman

Sommer Christie

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The ISNR Research Foundation will accomplish 
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is effective for treatment for central nervous system disorders.
To accomplish this mission the Foundation: Identifies areas of interest for research in neuromodulation therapies with a current focus of AD/HD, Autism Spectrum, TBI and epilepsy. Establishes criteria for quality controlled studies to evaluate such therapies. Recruits qualified researchers to conduct the research Solicits, evaluates, awards and administers research grants Applies for public and private grants and donations Raises funds through direct and deferred donations Collaborates with other entities with similar objective

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