The ISNR Research Foundation supports the NIMH-funded ICAN study and is proud to have two of it’s Board members involved in this study

Learn more about this project, focusing on theta beta ratio for ADHD here

2014 Mini Grant Winners 

Mark Goodman

Sommer Christie

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Helping the Brain Help Us
                . . . . .Your Brain Can Do More Than You Think

The ISNR Research Foundation will accomplish 
the necessary research to demonstrate that neurofeedback
is effective for treatment for central nervous system disorders.

To accomplish this mission the Foundation: Identifies areas of interest for research in neuromodulation therapies
with a current focus of AD/HD, Autism Spectrum, TBI and epilepsy. Establishes criteria for quality controlled studies to
evaluate such therapies. 
Recruits qualified researchers to conduct the research Solicits, evaluates, awards and administers research grants Applies for public and private grants and donations Raises funds through direct and deferred donations Collaborates with other entities with similar objectives.

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